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A Corporate Brokerage Video is the business card of the New Age!

Utilizing cutting-edge After-Effects (AE) Technology - these videos are meant to impress and engage the viewer - while simultaneously imparting whatever message you want.

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What are the features of a Corporate Brokerage Video?

Duration: As requested

Ideal for: Promoting Main-Street, Mid-Market or M&A Brokerage Firms.

Standard Turn-around Time: 3-5 business days (Project Scope is submitted) plus 5-7 business days for Voice-Over Recording and Video Production (once Project Scope is approved)

Voice-Over: Included, (available in English, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese)

Formats available: Pre-made templates utilizing AE technology


  • Licensed Images;
  • Licensed Videos;
  • Licensed Music;
  • Script Writing;
  • Voice-Over;
  • Licensed AE Template.

What is the process for creating a Corporate Brokerage Video?
Step 1

The Business Broker / Brokerage advises BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") that they wish to have a Corporate Brokerage Video done - and a conversation is scheduled via Zoom;

Step 2

During this conversation BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") gathers all relevant details in order to produce a compelling Project Scope Proposal;

Step 3

BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") submits to the Broker / Brokerage a series of prospective templates - and a Project Summary;

Step 4

Once approved, BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") creates the video and submits to the Broker/Brokerage for review.

What documents are required to produce a Corporate Brokerage Video?

Nil. Only a Zoom discussion.

What are the terms and conditions for the productions of Corporate Brokerage Video?

Documents & Supporting Information:

All documents for this project must be submitted to BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") prior to the project commencing, not during or afterwards, as it may require us to have to re-write different sections each time. Any additional work undertaken as a result of documents or information being submitted after the order has been lodged and the first draft of the project has been submitted will incur additional charges.

Teaser/Promo Videos:

Unless told otherwise, we will be using Stock Footage/Images to produce this video. If you wish us to use actual photos or video of the business or any specific images - please advise us immediately. If you request these changes after the first draft of the video has been submitted, additional charges will apply.


Once a format has been requested and a first draft submitted, the project's format cannot be changed without incurring another fee for production of a new video altogether.


Once a script has been approved by the Broker, it is sent for recording. A request to re-record, for whatever reason, will incur an additional re-recording fee.


BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") will issue an invoice for the project/s above once the first draft is submitted, with the standard Payment Terms of 15 business days from invoice. Rest assured that even once the payment is received, we can alter/review/correct the project until you are satisfied with it. If you wish to have the project completed prior to payment being made (within 15 days of Draft #1's submission), please note that it will be incumbent on you to request any corrections/amendments immediately upon receiving each version


The pricing for this product includes up to 2 rounds of amendments. Any corrections that need to be undertaken as a result of a mistake that has been deemed to be BBMS Media's fault (eg, grammatical mistakes) - are not included and are "unlimited". Subsequent amendments may incur additional charged. As a courtesy, BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") undertakes minor changes (such as changes in Asking Price) free of charge.


By ordering this product, the Broker/Brokerage acknowledges that it is incumbent upon him/her/them to verify the accuracy of the information in consultation with the Seller/s of the business prior to the document being disclosed to Prospective Buyers. Moreover, it is incumbent upon the Broker/Brokerage to confirm with the Seller/s of the business that the information provided does not allow for a Buyer who has not yet signed an NDA to identify the business.

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