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The Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS) is a 3-4 pages long teaser document, also known as a "Blind Profile", that is ideal for all types of business sales.

The PNBS is provided to Prospective Buyers who have not yet signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Deed) and is meant to provide enough information to entice them to doing so.
Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS)
What are the features of a Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS)?

Size: 3-4 Pages

Ideal for: All Business Sales

Standard Turn-around Time: 2-3 business days (Contents & Design)

Language: Commercial (unless specified otherwise)


  • Professional Copywriting;
  • Document Analysis;
  • Graphic Design matching your agency/firm's visual identity.


  • Executive Summary;
  • Lease Summary;
  • Financial Summary (3 Years);
  • Stock Images;
  • Agency/Firm Details;
  • Broker Profile;
  • The Business Acquisition Process.

What is the process for creating a Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS)?
Step 1

The Business Broker / Intermediary lists the business and collects the information required;

Step 2

The Broker/Brokerage e-mails BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") the documents required and requests that a specific type of Business Profile be built;

Step 3

BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") provides a first draft of the file (contents & design) in a PDF format within 2-3 business days;

Step 4

The Broker/Brokerage (in consultation with the Sellers, if appropriate) advises BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”) of any amendments required;

Step 5

Amendments are undertaken by BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") and returned to the Broker/Brokerage;

Step 6

The Broker/Seller can have one more round of alterations (included in the price) and then the final product is completed.

What documents are required to produce a Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS)?

A copy of the online advertisement for the business

"About the Business" Questionnaire
Financials & Add-Backs
Lease Agreement

What are the terms and conditions for the productions of Pre-NDA Business Summary (PNBS)?

Documents & Supporting Information:

All documents for this project must be submitted to BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") prior to the project commencing, not during or afterwards, as it may require us to have to re-write different sections each time. Any additional work undertaken as a result of documents or information being submitted after the order has been lodged and the first draft of the project has been submitted will incur additional charges.

Scanned Documents or Screenshots:

If the documentation received comes in the form of a scanned document or a screenshot, whose information cannot be copied out, but rather must be typed up, BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") will consult with the client and advise that either we can add the scanned document or screenshot directly onto the profile or we can type up the information which would incur additional charges on a per hour basis.

Single sale of multiple businesses:

If two or more businesses are being sold as one, additional charges may apply for the production of a Business Profile, as the time required for production will, accordingly, be longer.


BBMS Media ("Marketing for Business Brokers") produces Business Profiles and Brochures in a format that is appropriate for distribution as an online PDF attachment - the specifications to have the file made "print-ready" may be different and, if so, will incur additional charges.


If business photos have not been provided for use in Brochures or Business Profiles, we will attempt to source them from the website, Social Media or through other Internet Sources. If none are available, we will add Stock Images. If you wish to make different arrangements, please advise us immediately.


BBMS Media’s ("Marketing for Business Brokers") pricing for clients include the creation of a template to be used for the Business Profiles in line with each firm's corporate identity. Additional template designs for specific projects or new ones altogether will incur additional charges.


BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”) will issue an invoice for the project/s above once the first draft is submitted, with the standard Payment Terms of 15 business days from invoice. Rest assured that even once the payment is received, we can alter/review/correct the project until you are satisfied with it. If you wish to have the project completed prior to payment being made (within 15 days of Draft #1’s submission), please note that it will be incumbent on you to request any corrections/amendments immediately upon receiving each version.


The pricing for this product includes up to 2 rounds of amendments. Any corrections that need to be undertaken as a result of a mistake that has been deemed to be BBMS Media’s fault (eg, grammatical mistakes) – are not included and are “unlimited”. Subsequent amendments may incur additional charged. As a courtesy, BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers) undertakes minor changes (such as changes in Asking Price) free of charge.


By ordering this product, the Broker/Brokerage acknowledges that it is incumbent upon him/her/them to verify the accuracy of the information in consultation with the Seller/s of the business prior to the document being disclosed to Prospective Buyers. Moreover, it is incumbent upon the Broker/Brokerage to confirm with the Seller/s of the business that the information provided does not allow for a Buyer who has not yet signed an NDA to identify the business.

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